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Glucose Syrup

Code: B0740
  • V Vegetarian
  • vegan Vegan
  • k Kosher
  • h Halal
  • Pail until you eat Pack Type Pail
  • 12.5kg until you eat Pack Size 12.5kg
  • Viscous liquid until you eat Product Form Viscous liquid
  • Clear until you eat Product Colour Clear


This glucose syrup is a highly refined and concentrated solution of dextrose, maltose and higher saccharides. Low relative sweetness, prevents sucrose crystallisation, high colour stability.

Used as a flavour enhancer and also imparting moisture and tenderness to baked goods.


Breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, crackers, and virtually any baked item. Confectionery products such as hard candy, toffees, caramels, fudges, gums and jellies.
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