We are suppliers of top quality wholesale bakery products, bakery ingredients, food ingredients and bakery supplies to bakeries and food producers throughout Ireland. We are one of the top bakery ingredient suppliers in Ireland due to our extensive product list and excellent customer service.

We are able to sell to non-trade customers, however, there is a minimum order of £150.00 for collected and £250 for delivered orders in Northern Ireland.

For deliveries to the South of Ireland we require a minimum order of 20 items.

*We do not supply to companies outside the island of Ireland*

If you cannot find what you are looking for please ask us as we may be able to obtain it for you.
We may not always have all items in stock. Please check the lead time if you require a product urgently.
We look forward to your custom and being of assistance.

You can click each category to expand and view its groups.

+ Bread, Cake & Confectionery Mixes
Bread Mixes | Cake Mixes | Confectionery Mixes | Other Bread Products
+ Chocolate Products
Couverture Chocolate | Chocolate Coatings | Bake Stable Chocolate | Chocolate Decorations | Other Chocolate Products
+ Colours & Flavours
Colour & Flavour | Colour Only | Flavour Only | Flavour Only
+ Decorations (Edible & Non-Edible) & Hardware
Edible Decorations | Non-Edible Decorations | Hardware
+ Dried Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & Spices
Dried Fruits | Nuts | Seeds | Spices
+ Fats, Oils, Margarines & Release Agents
Butter | Release Agents | Emulsifiers | Dividers Oils | Fats | Pastry Margarine | Shortenings | Cake Margarine | Oils
+ Flours
Strong/Spring/Bread Flours | Soft/Plain/Winters Flours | Brown Flours | Cake Flours | Soda Bread Flours (add salt) | Other Flours
+ Icings, Fillings, Toppings & Cream Alternatives
Icings | Fillings | Toppings | Cream Alternatives
+ Miscellaneous
Biscuit/Bread Crumbs | Egg White Powders | Milk Products | Pre Baked Goods | Stabilisers | Other Miscellaneous
+ Raising Agents, Improvers & Yeast
Raising Agents | Improvers | Yeast | Preservatives
+ Savoury Sauces & Fillings
Savoury Sauces | Savoury Fillings
+ Sugar Products, Jams & Fruit Fillings
White Sugars | Icing Sugars | Fondant Icing Sugars | Brown Sugars | Jams | Fruit Fillings | Syrups | Other Sugar Products
+ Sweet Sauces, Desserts & Glazes
Sweet Sauces | Desserts | Glazes

4 Plain Muffins

A full range of ingredients from the following suppliers is available:


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