Did you know that we have an extensive range of top quality flours to cover all your needs?

Strong, cake, brown, wholemeal, soda, biscuit, spelt and French to name a few. 

We have two flour suppliers, Carrs Flour (Scotland) and Meneba (Netherlands) Much of the wheat milled by Carrs Flour is grown in Scotland, with some specialist varieties imported from mainland Europe, Canada and the US.  Carrs combine  21st Century technology – such as computerised flour blending and particle size control – with centuries-old milling skills to produce flours of the very highest quality and consistency.

Meneba has the most comprehensive portfolio of cereal specialties in Europe, Their flours include spelt, wholemeal and various multigrain products, some of which incorporate distinctive seeds and grains such as amaranth, buckwheat, purple wheat and quinoa.

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