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IREKS Craft Malt

Code: I395
  • V Vegetarian
  • IREKS until you eat Supplier IREKS
  • Bag until you eat Pack Type Bag
  • 25kg until you eat Pack Size 25kg
  • Powder until you eat Product Form Powder
  • Brown until you eat Product Colour Brown


Aromatic malt cuvée for individual malt baked goods: Composition of high-quality specialty malts from IREKS' in-house malting plant, refined with aromatic hop oil.

  • full malty-aromatic, not too sweet, aroma and flavour
  • a lot of scope for craft and creative baked goods ideas
  • easy to use
  • E number-free enjoyment (when using other E number-free ingredients in the recipe)

Versatile Application

  • can be combined with all traditional improvers (without salt)
  • universal use for morning goods, bread and confectionery baked goods
  • ideal base for attractive CRAFT-MALT snacks

Long Lasting Freshness

  • moist, soft crumb texture
  • appetizing crust and crumb colour
  • long-lasting crust crispness

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Malt baked goods, universally applicable for biscuits to bread to pastries, ideal base for attractive craft snacks
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UK & Ireland