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Macphie Country Cake Conc Make Up Instructions

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Macphie Country Cake Concentrate is a versatile powder for the manufacture of a wide range of cakes with unique eating qualities and excellent shelf life. Requiring only the addition of flour, egg, sugar, water and oil, it is extremely cost effective in use and gives consistently good results.


  • Blend powders together well, add liquids and using a beater, mix for 1 minute on slow speed.

  • Scrape down well.

  • Beat for approximately 6 minutes on middle speed.

  • Fold fruit, nuts or chocolate chips into batter prior to depositing.

  • Deposit 400-450g of batter into a paper case in a loaf tin and bake 182ºC (360ºF) for 40-50 minutes.

  • For a less tender, more resilient crumb, increase egg to 0.900kg (2lb) and reduce water to 0.700kg (1lb 8oz) in the above recipe then process as normal.

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