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Macphie Danish Pastry Conc Make Up Instructions

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Macphie Danish Pastry Concentrate is a paste concentrate for the production of light and flaky Danish pastries.


  • Brake in pastry fat, giving 3 half turns. No resting time is necessary between turns.

  • Pin out to a thickness of approx. 3mm (1/8 inch) and cut into required shapes.

  • Add fillings as desired and prove.

  • Mixing Time: Conventional Mixer - 8-10 minutes on 2nd speed. Spiral Mixer - 2 minutes on slow speed and 4 minutes on fast speed.

  • Dough Temperature: Cool 16ºC (60ºF).

  • Prover Conditions: 32ºC (90ºF) 75% R.H.

  • Oven Conditions: 230ºC (440ºF).  No steam.

  • Bulk Fermentation: Not required.

  • Proving time: Approximately 30-40 minutes only.  Do not over-prove.

  • Baking Time:  Approximately 12-15 minutes for 60g (2oz) units.

  • Notes:

     Do not over-prove.  Most of the lift in real Danish pastries comes from the layering fat rather then from the yeast.  Over-proving can cause the layering fat to melt and destroy the flakiness as a result.

    For a superior glaze, spray of bush with Glenglaze/Sunglaze.  This can be done before, or immediately after baking.

    For top quality fillings, use Macphie Almond Franzipan Concentrate.  Place a spot of one of these fillings in each pastry before folding.

    A spot of custard adds colour and flavour to Danish pastries.  Use Swiscrem Dual which is bake stable, freeze/that stable and tastes delicious.

    Other fillings can be used as desired.

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