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Macphie Sicilian Pot Make Up Instructions

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A refreshingly smooth and creamy dessert made using real Sicilian lemon juice Sicilian Lemon Pot is a smooth liquid product which on heating and subsequent cooling, sets to give a luxurious, creamy dessert. Can be used on its own or with the addition of other ingredients. The product comes in 6 x 1 litre packs.


  • Open the pack and pour into a suitable saucepan 

  • Bring to the boil, and boil vigorously for 2 minutes, stirring continuously 

  • Pour hot liquid into serving dish/mould of your choice 

  • Leave to cool, then refrigerate until set, normally 2 - 3 hours

  • Serving Options:

    To create the perfect Tart au Citron pour the hot Sicilian Lemon Pot in a pastry case and chill.Bfore serving sprinkle with icing sugar or Macphie Sweet Snow. 

    Flavours and ingredients can be added to Macphie Sicilian Lemon Pot to produce variations e.g.
    fruit, spices, sweet sauces and alcohol (up to levels of 10%). 

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