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Easter Whoopies

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  • Add water and oil to Mississippi Muffin/Cake Mix in a mixer fitted with a beater and mix on 1st speed for 1 minute (the water should be tempered to give a final batter temperature of 22-24ºC (72-76ºF)

  • Scrape down and beat for a further 6 minutes on 2nd speed

  • Pipe 2” rounds (approx 35g) of batter onto baking tray

  • Bake at 180ºC (360ºF) for 15 minutes

  • Leave to cool 

  • Ice half of the whoopie pies with 5th Avenue Lemon Icing and decorate with chocolate curls and chocolate eggs

  • Pipe a rosette of whipped Mactop Extra or Traditional and sandwich together

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