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Foccacia using Pia Do Mix

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  • Mixing time: 2 + 8 mins

  • Dough temperature: 26° C – 27° C 

  • Bulk fermentation time: 15 mins 

  • Scaling weight: 0.250 kg 

  • Intermediate proof: 25 - 30 mins 

  • Final proof: approx. 30 mins 

  • Initial baking temperature: 220° C giving steam, dropping to 200° C 

  • Baking time: approx.18 mins

  • Roll out to fit hoops/trays and proof for 30 minutes and wash with olive oil/water mixture, indent all over with fingers. Sprinkle with rock salt, decorate with red onion rings and mixed herbs, prove for approx. 30 mins. 

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