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IREKS Mella Brioche Make Up Instructions

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  • Mixing time: 2 + 10 minutes

  • Dough temperature: 27° C – 28° C

  • Bulk fermentation time: approx. 30 minutes

  • Scaling weight: 1.800 kg/30 pieces

  • Intermediate proof: none 

  • Processing: brioche

  • Final proof: approx. 60 minutes

  • Baking temperature: 180° C 

  • Baking time: approx. 15 minutes

  • After the bulk fermentation time, scale the dough in pieces and mould round. Afterwards divide in 30 pieces and mould round again. Place 8 – 10 pieces in a greased tin and allow to prove. After the final proof wash with egg and bake.  

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