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Macphie GlenGlaze Application Instructions

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GlenGlaze is ready-to-use, liquid glazes which give a rich, long lasting, non-stick gloss when applied to all bun goods, Danish pastries, savoury pastry lines, etc. It is ideal for in-store application or for chilled or frozen preglazed pastries or pies where a lighter bake and darker gloss is required. Once applied, it is contact-wrappable and remains intact for the shelf life of the product. It outshines conventional egg wash in more ways than one. It is free from preservatives and hydrogenated fats.


  • The glazes can be applied by brushing or spraying; for best results apply immediately prior to baking.

  • If desired, some liquid spice can be added to the glaze before applying for a spicy bun glaze

  • Ensure products are free from excess flour dust before glazing.

  • The product comes in 12 x 1 Tetra Paks, 10l and 25l bag-in-box.

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep chilled and use within 7 days.

  • A little separation in units may occur. Please agitate the 10l and 25l bag-in-box before use if not using complete contents. 1 litre packs should be shaken before use. 

  • Both the 10l and 25l bag-in-box units and the 1 litre Tetra Paks have a “best before” date shown on them and the products will perform to specification up to the date shown, if stored in the prescribed manner.

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