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Macphie Mississippi Muffin Cake Mix Make Up Instructions

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MISSISSIPPI MUFFIN/CAKE MIX is a mix which requires only vegetable oil and water to make delicious cakes, muffins, cupcakes, loaf cakes and round cakes with a light, moist crumb. The batter and baked products are freeze/thaw stable and the mix will carry 20% or more inclusions* such as toffee nibs, chocolate chips or raisins for example.


  • Place the Mississippi  Muffin/Cake Mix in a mixer fitted with a beater and add the liquids

  • Mix on slow speed for 1 minute, scrape down well

  • Mix on  middle speed for 6 minutes and fold in any inclusions if desired

  • Deposit batter into desired case (e.g. 75g into muffin case, 400-450g in loaf tin), sprinkle with toppings as desired

  • For 75g muffin, bake at 185-195oC for 30 minutes

  • For a loaf tin, bake at 182oC for 40-50 minutes  

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