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Macphie Sausage Roll Concentrate Make Up Instructions

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Now Even Better Macphie Sausage Roll Concentrate is a blend of ingredients which forms the basis of sausage meat for use in all baked savoury goods like sausage rolls, pies, pasties, bridies and scotch eggs. It requires only the addition of minced meat (beef or pork) and cold water to produce lightly spiced, totally consistent sausage meat, or savoury filling, which will not shrink during baking. NOW EVEN BETTER MACPHIE SAUSAGE ROLL CONCENTRATE CONTAINS NATURAL COLOUR.


  • Place Macphie Sausage Roll Concentrate in a machine bowl and add the cold water

  • Blend together on slow speed. 

  • Add the minced meat and thoroughly blend together. (Add fresh or rehydrated diced onion if a filling for bridies is required at 20% total weight.)

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