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Macphie Sweet Snow Non-Hydrogenated Application Information

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Non-hydrogenated Sweet Snow is a fine sugar-based dusting powder formulated with non-hydrogenated fat, which will not dissolve in conditions of high humidity, when frozen and thawed, or during chilled or wrapped storage. Apply instead of icing sugar to dust doughnuts, sponges, swiss tarts, fruit flans, stollen, torten, choux buns, etc. Non-hydrogenated Sweet Snow is economical in use as very little is required to give an effective, long lasting covering.


  • Notes:

    Non-hydrogenated Sweet Snow should be applied once the finished product has been cooled to just above ambient temperature – approximately 24oC (75oF).

    If a more granular particle size is required, use Non-hydrogenated Sweet Frost, or a combination of Nonhydrogenated Sweet Snow and Non-hydrogenated Sweet Frost.

    Other powders such as cinnamon or cocoa powder may be added for a variety of finishes.

    Non-hydrogenated Sweet Snow is NOT suitable for making icings or coatings. 

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