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Generic Baking


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  • 0.25 kg Fine Granulated Sugar
  • 0.48 kg Meneba Kolibri Soft Flour
  • 0.002 kg Lecithin (powder)
  • 0.02 kg Whole Egg
  • 0.03 L Water
  • 0.004 kg Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 0.004 kg Salt

Cafe Cookies using Kolibri

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  • Mix first butter, sugar, egg, salt and water.

  • Mix with the flour and sodium bicarbonate until a homogeneous dough

  • Give the dough a short rest in the fridge.

  • Roll the dough to 3mm and cut pieces

  • Baking time – approx. 18 minutes at 185°C.

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