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Gluten Free Bread using IREKS Singlupan

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  • Mixing Time 1 minute to blend in water/oil to dry ingredients, 3 minutes on 2nd speed in a planetary mixer fitted with a cake beater. (Like a heavy sponge)

  • Dough Temperature 32ºC (Important)

  • B.F.T. None.

  • Scale. 500gm, (1lb 1oz) into shallow sided bread tin.

  • Proof Time. 30 minutes at 35ºC, with 75% humidity.

  • Bake. With steam, at 220ºC, falling to 180ºC.

  • Baking Time. 50 minutes for 500gms approximately

  • For baps & rolls add 6% fat & 6% sugar, reduce the water.  Roll out then cut.  Will not pin.

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