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Macphie Mississippi Choc Muffin Cake Concentrate Make Up Instructions

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Macphie Mississippi Chocolate Muffin/Cake Concentrate is a powder concentrate for the production of delicious cake muffins or loaf cakes with an incredibly moist crumb. The batter and baked products are both freeze/thaw stable. When baked, the cakes have a wrapped shelf life of at least 5 days depending on their additional ingredients.


  • Blend all powders together in a machine bowl.

  • Add the liquids to the powders, using water tempered to give a final batter temperature of 22-240C (72-76F). Mix on slow speed for 1 minute.

  • Scrape down well.

  • Beat for approximately 6 minutes on middle speed.

  • Fold in chocolate chips etc, into the batter prior to depositing.

  • Deposit approximately 75g of batter into paper cases on muffin trays.

  • Decorate the tops as required.

  • Bake at 185–1950C (365-3900F), for approximately 30 minutes.

  • To make loaf cakes, deposit 400–450g of batter into a paper case in a loaf tin and bake at 1820C (3600F), for 40–50 minutes.

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