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Macphie Soft & Chewy Chocolate Cookie Mix Make Up Instructions

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Soft & Chewy Chocolate Cookie Mix is an add water only mix for producing deliciously soft and chewy, rich, dark chocolate cookies.


  • Place Soft & Chewy Chocolate CookieMix in a machine bowl fitted with abeater.

  • Add water gradually while mixing on 1st speed. (The water should be tempered to give a final dough temperature of 18- 20°C).

  • Continue mixing on 1st speed for a further 1½ minutes or until the dough has boundtogether. 

  • Blend in any chocolate chips etc. on slow speed for a few seconds.

  • Deposit required amount of cookie dough onto a baking tray (an ice cream scoop may be used to give consistent scaling weights) and flatten gently into puck shape.

  • Bake at 170°C (350°F) for 14-16 minutes. DO NOT OVERBAKE. The baked cookies should be soft in the centre when leaving the oven to give a soft moist chewy eating cookie when cooled.

  • Chocolate chips etc. could be added to the dough at approximately 20% of the total dough weight. For example, to make chocolate chip cookies using the above recipe, add 1.130kgs

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