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Macphie Crème Brûlée Make Up Instructions

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Macphie have developed Crème Brûlée which can be used on its own or developed in conjunction with other ingredients to produce delicious desserts. Macphie Crème Brûlée is a ready to use UHT product which is to be firstly heated and cooled. The product comes in 12 x 1 litre packs.


  • Open pack and pour into a suitable vessel.

  • Heat liquid just to the boil ensuring that the liquid is stirred continuously.

  • Pour whilst hot into suitable container.  Allow to cool then place in chill until set (normally 1-2 hours).

  • If required, immediately prior to serving dredge with icing or demerara sugar, then place under a hot grill until the sugar caramelises or use a chef’s blow torch (preferred method).

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