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Macphie Spice Bun Concentrate Make Up Instructions

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Macphie Spice Bun Concentrate is a paste product, containing spice, for the production of hot X buns, spice buns, etc. The only other ingredients required are flour, sugar, yeast, water and dried fruit.


  • Use water tempered to give a final dough temperature of 27ºC (80ºF)

  • Mixing Time:

    Conventional Mixer - 10-12 minutes on middle speed.

    Spiral Mixer - 2 minutes on slow speed and 4-5 minutes on fast speed.*

    High Speed Mixer - 2-2½ minutes (11 watt hours per kilo of dough).

    * Do not overmix the dough. NOTE: Blend any fruit in on slowspeed.

  • Prove at 40ºC (104ºF) 85% R.H. for 50-60 minutes

  • For a 60g (2oz) unit, bake at 200º-230ºC (400º-450ºF) for 10-12 minutes

  • Bakers Grade/Bread Flour contains 10-12% protein

  • Notes:

    To improve moistness and shelf life, fruit should be soaked in water for up to a maximum of 30 minutes and then drained through a course sieve, preferably overnight, before adding into the dough towards the end of the mixing time.

    To give the ultimate gloss finish, spray, or brush GlenGlaze/Sunglaze onto the buns after proving. If desired, Macphie Sweet Glaze can be used after baking or use Macphie Spiced Sweet Glaze, which enhances the spicy taste and aroma even more.

    When making hot X buns, pipe on Macphie Crossing Mix just prior to baking to give a consistent, high quality finish.

    Products made from Macphie Spice Bun Concentrate will lend themselves to deep freezing and retarding

    For a darker crumb colour, add 1½ dry mixed spice and ½% carameline colour to dough.

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